Create a New Document & Adding Questions

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  1. Navigate to Manage.

  2. In the top right, click .

  3. Select the Template Type that you wish to create.
  4. Give your document a name. 
  5. Select locations from your organization tree where this document will be run. Then click Save.


Click here to watch the Create a Document tutorial.

  • Add Questions

    Questions can be added to a document in multiple ways.

    Add a New Question

    Documents must be in draft status to make changes to questions. To put a document in Draft, open the document and click.

    1. In the Questions Tab of a open document, click the button, in the top right corner.


    2. Enter the text of the question.
      1. Links can be entered in the body of a question using the format (Link_Text)[url]

    3. Give the question a unique title. This will display on reports and make identifying the question easier.
    4. If additional clarification is required, provide it in the reason field.
    5. Reaction plan is listed out when there is a mitigation for the question and lists out the steps that can be followed.
    6. Attach any supporting documents.
      1. To add a file, drag and drop a file into the Files area, or click the Browse Button and select the desired file.

    7. Add tags to categorize this question. Tags are utilized in reporting and randomization of questions.
    8. Set the scope of this question. 
      1. Note: The question scope field is not always enabled, this requires the View Question Scopes to be enabled in the Site Settings.
    9. Click Response in the top right corner.

    10. Select the Response Type for the question. (Click here for Response Options)
      1. The remainder of the response form varies depending on the response type.
    11. Click Save.
  • * Questions added to documents are also added to the question library for future uses.

    Add Question from Library

    Questions can be added to the document from the pool of previously uploaded question, located in the Question Library.

    1. In an open document, click the triangle next to the Add New Question button and select Use Question from Library.

    2. Utilize the check boxes to select the questions to be added to the document, then click Add Selected Question(s).

    3. Once all questions have been added, click .
    4. Click Submit on the confirmation window to make this document live.

  • Add Random Questions

    Documents can be setup to select a set number of random questions and add them to each audit. This feature relies on Tags attached to questions in the Question Library.  

    Beacon will ensure all questions in the specified tag pool are selected at least once before they are selected a second time.

    When adding several different tags to questions user should know the fact that for randomization one tag is considered by Beacon system, not the whole row of tags. For example, when a question has several tags - "Tag#1" and"Tag#2" and "Tag#3", during randomization Beacon will sort questions based on "Tag#1" OR "Tag#2" OR "Tag#3".

  1. In an open document, click the triangle next to the Add New Question button and select Add Random Questions

  2. Enter the number of random questions to add per audit.
  3. Enter the name of the tag(s) to pull random questions from.
  4. Click Save.

If you have a set of questions that you already use, that you want to upload to Beacon, got to Import Questions
 [Beacon-General > Manage]  

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