Managing your Organization Tree

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The organization tree is primarily used to define where assessments can be conducted. These are most likely physical locations. Access the organization tree at Admin > Organization > Org Tree

There are several tiers in an organizational tree. In general we refer to any item in the tree at or below the Site as a 'Location'.

  • Divisions are business units that Sites belong to
    • Sites are facilities that may be composed of more than one building
      • Area are the large areas of a site that have a unified goal
        • Workcenters are the functional areas of a Workgroup
          • Stations are the pieces of equipment in a Workcenter

There is not a single correct way to setup an Organization Tree as it will depend on the infrastructure of each organization, and the desired granularity for reporting; but let us know if you have any questions.

Click here to watch the Setting Up Your Org Tree tutorial.

Adding, Removing and Editing Locations

The following icons are located on the the above mentioned tiers and perform the indicated functions. Note: not all options are available at every level.

  1.  Add Manager - Allows the selection of an existing user and assigns them as the manager of the location. The selected user is assigned mitigations from failed audit checks at that location. If shifts are enabled, a manager can be selected for each shift. Mitigations will then be assigned to the shift manager based on the shift the audit was run during. 
  2.  Calendar - Opens a calendar and allows the scheduling of non-working and holiday days. Days scheduled through this menu will prevent audits from being assigned on the selected days. 
  3.  Edit - Edit the selected entry to change the name and description. 
  4.  Add - Allows Organization or Site administrators to create sub-tiers within the respective levels of the organization tree. Org admins are able to add additional sites, however Site admins can only add Workgroups, Workcenters and Workstations. 
  5.  Remove - Delete the selected location and all of its sub-locations. This is permanent and there is currently no "undo" so be cautious.

**Locations can be added in bulk by importing from a .csv file.

  1. Note: These locations will be added directly under the location that was selected.

  1. Save the template as a .csv file, browse to the document and upload to import the locations.

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