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By default, shifts are turned off in Beacon and a Monday - Friday schedule is assumed. If different schedules are needed, shifts can be enabled to group users and make sure that recurring audits are not assigned on non-working days.

ATTENTION! User's shifts are checked when repeat is set to 'Daily', for audits being assigned Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Shift working day  settings are not considered.  

Click to here to watch the Creating Shifts tutorial.


  1. Click to add a new shift.

  2. Enter a name for the shift.
  3. Enter a description for the shift.
  4. Select the start date for the shift cycle - this will typically be a Sunday and should always be a day prior to the current date.
  5. Set the number of days in the cycle. For a standard work week this number is 7, however if a modified shift schedule is being utilized that spans multiple weeks (e.g. the Dupont Schedule) this number can be extended out, to a maximum of 35 days.
  6. Using the calendar, select the days that this shift works. Working days are highlighted in blue. The set schedule will recur on the number of days in cycle.
  7. Click to save and create the shift.

  1. Click on the name of the shift.
  2. Edit the Name, Description, Cycle start date, Number of Days in Cycle, or worked days as desired.
  3. Click  to save.
Viewing Shifts
  • Clicking on will display a list of all created shifts and their days worked.

  • This display allows a quick visual check to ensure shift coverage is appropriate.

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