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Layers are utilized primarily in Layered Process Audits, in this section layers can be created or edited. Once created, layers are assigned to users and are used for scheduling and reporting purposes.


  • Click into a layer to view a list of all users assigned to that layer.


  1. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Layers and click to create a new layer. 

  2. Enter a name for this layer.
  3. Enter a description for this layer.
  4. Choose how often the schedule for this layer should repeat (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly).
  5. Set the start window for this layer - the number input in this field will dictate how far in advance of the due date assigned audits can be started.
    1. This number is non-inclusive with the due date, thus a 4 entered here would give a total of 5 days to complete an audit.
    2. E.g. With a due date of Friday, an entry of 4 would allow the audit to be started on Monday.
  6. Set the Grace Period for this layer - the number input in this field will dictate how many days after the due date an audit can be completed. ATTENTION!! Calendar Days are calculated and taken into consideration.
    1. Audits completed within the grace period will be marked as completed late.
  7. Set the maximum number of audits that users in this layer can be assigned per day.
  8. Click on Save and create the layer.


  1. Click on the layer name to edit.
  2. Change the Name, Description or Scheduling Defaults as desired.
  3. Click Save to save any changes.

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