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Users can access Beacon to conduct assessments, view dashboards, schedule events or manage content. 


  • To add users, the active user must have the SiteAdmin or OrgAdmin role enabled.
  • Users can be added up to the organization license limit.
  • Disabled users do not count against the license limit.

Click here to watch the Add Users tutorial.


  1. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Users and click on to add a new user.

  2. Enter first name, last name and email address of this user.
    1. A confirmation email will be sent to the user to finalize setup of their account. 

Choose the correct settings for users:
  1. Department - List from Admin > Organization > Departments, helps
  2. Site - (Will become available to change after user setup)  When user is created defaults to the active site, this is the location where the user resides in
  3. Scope -are the locations the user can audit
  4. Admin Scope - (Will become available to change after user setup)  Controls what location reports user can view
  5. Layer - List from Admin > Organization > Layers
  6. Shift - List from Admin > Organization > Shifts


    1. Toggle the user roles to provide the correct level of access for this user.

      NOTE: These roles are independent and do not cascade (e.g. AuditAuthor does not grant Auditor privileges).
                  The DataEntry role should almost always remain disabled, only enable this role if the user has a specific need.

    2. Click to save and create the user.

    Resend Invite

    If a user does not register in a timely manner or deletes the registration email, this will result in a  'Pending' status for the user. A Site or Org Admin has the ability to resend the invite to the user. To do so, click the resend invite button on the users page  Admin > Organization > Users >.

New Users
  1.     New users will receive an email welcoming them to Beacon. The email will contain a link prompting them to upload the link.
    2. Users can now setup a password, to activate their account.


  1. Click on a users name.
  2. Edit the Email, First Name, Last Name, Department, Site, Scope, Layer, Shift or User Roles as needed.
  3. Changes are saved automatically.

Bulk Edit

  1.  Click multiple users.
  2. Edit the Department, Site, Scope, Layer, Shift or User Roles.
  3. Click Save.

Note: When editing user roles, many users will have different choices for the same box. Users have the option of leaving the box as is, checking the box for all users or removing the role for all of the user selected.

 -Check to enable role for all users.

   -Leave roles as is, per user.

    - Remove the role for all users selected.

Importing Users

Time Off

Time off can be scheduled for a user if they will be unavailable. This prevents audits from being assigned to that user while they are not at work.

  1. Time off can be scheduled for individual users, within the Edit user page click the  button.
  2. Click the  button next to Non Working and Holiday, or click on a day on the calendar.

  3. Provide a name, start date and end date for the time off.
  4. Click  to save the scheduled time off

  5. The time off entry will be displayed below the Non Working and Holiday section, as well as highlighted on the calendar.


  • Users can be disabled by clicking the button.
  • Disabled users do not take a license, cannot login, and cannot be assigned audits.
  • Disabled users can be re-enabled at any time, license count permitting.

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