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  1. System options include site specific settings as well as settings that apply across the entire organization. The items displayed are dependent on the roles enabled for the current user. OrgAdmins will see all below information whereas SiteAdmins will see only the Site Settings and Mail.

    Site Settings

    Navigate to Admin > System Options > Site Settings, these options apply to the selected site. Current site can be changed via the site switcher:

    1. Grace Period - The number of days an audit can be completed past its due date. Audits completed within the grace period will be denoted as completed late. ATTENTION!! Calendar Days are calculated and taken into consideration.
    2. Show Location Hierarchy - Displays the parent location and location anywhere the location is displayed (e.g. "Parent Location > Location")
    3. View Question Scopes - Enables the scope dropdown on questions in the question library
    4. Failure Categories and Modes for LPA Failures - Enables the selection of failure categories and modes when an LPA check fails.
      1. Once enabled, the dropdown option can be set to utilize the default Failure Categories, or user defined groups.

    5. Email Categories -
    1. Additional Email Notification- Causes a second email notification (**only within the Start Window) to be sent out at the specified number of days before an audit is due.Requires "Number of Days" setting to be filled out. Please note that the second email is sent out within the Start window only and hence a Start window will have to be specified while scheduling the audit.
    2. Missed Audit Email Notifications- An email is sent to the Location Manager, once an audit is marked as Missed
    3. Past Due Audit Email Notifications- Location manager and the auditor receive an email when an audit is marked as Past Due

    6. Custom Location Names - Allows the renaming of default locations Site, Area, Workcenter and Station

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