Mitigation Settings

Modified on Tue, 05 Mar 2019 at 09:53 AM

Navigate to Admin > Beacon Config. These settings are site specific, OrgAdmins can change the active site from the Site Selector.

Mitigation Settings

  1. Allow In-Audit Mitigation - Enables or disables the ability to close a non-conformance within the audit. 
  2. Countermeasures - Enables or disables countermeasures, a user defined list of items that take the place of failure categories and groups.
  3. Urgency/Escalation Levels - Allows urgency levels to be set for non-conformances. Each level can specify defaults for the resolution period and whether the mitigation requires additional approval from the next level of management.
    1. Notification and Resolution Period(Days) - This determines the Due Date of the mitigations. Example : Mitigation is created on 10th July, resolution period is 10 days, the due date of the mitigation would be 20th July
    2. Additional Approval - Checkbox if checked for an urgency levels mandates the Additional Manager's approval to close a mitigation. How the Additional Manager is determined is as explained in Article Additional Manager Determination

  4. Add Level - Adds a new Urgency/Escalation Level.

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