All Audits

Modified on Wed, 18 Jul 2018 at 07:54 AM

This page displays all audits that have been performed in this instance of Beacon.

  1. Date Range Selector - Filters the list of audits based on Due dates that fall within the specified date range.
  2. Export - Export the current list of audits to a .csv file.
  3. Column Selector - Allows the addition and removal of columns to include the desired information.

Each audit can be opened for additional information by clicking on the audit name.

Sorting and Filtering

Each column can be sorted and/or filtered to display only relevant/targeted information.

  1. Sort - Clicking this button will sort all rows on the values in this column, it can be toggled between ascending and descending.
    1. Note: Only one column can be sorted on at a time.
  2. Filter - Clicking this button opens a list of items that can be filtered on, select the desired items to limit results to those selections.
    1. Note: Multiple columns can be filter on at the same time.

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