Multiple Choice / Select Questions

Modified on Mon, 23 Jul 2018 at 07:11 AM

Certain template types allow for the use of multiple choice and multiple select questions. These questions are unique from other response types in that they require an additional piece of setup before they can be utilized.

Step 1: Create a Group

Multiple Choice and Multiple Select questions utilize groups to hold the options the auditor can select from. 

  1. Navigate to Menu > Manage > Groups, and click 
  2. Name the newly created group.
  3. Create the desired categories 
    1. These are the buckets the options for your questions will exist in.
    2. Each category is one list of options that can be selected from on a multiple choice / select question.
  4. Within each category, create the desired items 
    1. Each item is one of the options that can be selected within the question.

Note: For reporting purposes it is a best practice to put all similar multiple choice categories in a single group. This will cause all of the categories to be displayed as separate items on a single chart.

Step 2: Create Questions

Navigate to Menu > Manage > Question Library and select the appropriate Question Category 

  1. Create a new question (or edit an existing question) and navigate to the Response tab.
  2. From the Response Type dropdown, select Multiple Choice or Multiple Select.
    1. Multiple choice only allows a single selection, Multiple Select allows many.
  3. Select the group created in Step 1 from the User Defined Group dropdown.
  4. Select the appropriate category to limit the available options on the question.
  5. Save the changes

Step 3: Utilize Questions

  1. Add the newly created (or updated) questions to a document and save the document.
  2. Proceed to schedule audits with the document and start an audit.
  3. Select all applicable options from multiple select questions.
  4. Select the appropriate option from multiple choice questions.

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