Corrective Action Template Creation

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Create New Corrective Action

  1. Select Hamburger (Home)
    • Manage
      • Content 

  1. Click the Plus Button to Start New Corrective Action


  1. Select Corrective Action Template
    • Enter Description
    • Click Create

Create Groups for Corrective Action

(Create any multiple selection items, this includes multiple yes/no or multiple-choice items)

  1. Select Hamburger (Home)
    • Manage
      • Groups



  1. Click the Plus (+) Button to add Groups
    • Name New Group


  1. Name Category


  1. Add or Create Required Sub-Categories ( you are not required to select Create or Save this is automatic so simple revert to previous page)



  1. Return to document

Edit Internal items for Corrective Action

  1. Select Corrective Action from list
  2. Select Fields
    • Minimal filed list is included (Site and Due Date are always required)
    • Select pre-configured Fields if applicable 



  1. Create new Fields if required


  1. Click Plus (+) Button
    • Create field name
    • Select Field Type
    • Select Group if you have not selected Field Type (Free Form)
    • Select Save when finished

  1. Select Tasks
    • Click the Plus (+) button           



  1. Create Task Title
    • Create a brief description of the task to be complete


  • Select whether to:
    • Require Approval
    • Require Attachments
    • Notify Next Open Task Owner
    • Click save and the Task will be added to Corrective Action


  1. Select Document Approvers 


  • If no approvers are selected, once the Template is created and submitted it will automatically be published for use.
  • If an approver is selected the document will be submitted and the document must be approved and then can be published


  1. When complete, return to the Tasks item. At the bottom right of the page you may publish or submit the Corrective Action          


  1. When compete, at the bottom right corner, the submission will be confirmed.

(If no document approvers are selected the Corrective Action will be published.  If future versions should require approval, apply approvers after publishing the Corrective Action) appear

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