Beacon Quality Updates July 2018

Modified on Fri, 13 Jul 2018 at 11:34 AM

During the past several weeks we have had an open beta for an upcoming new version of Beacon Quality, and we thank everyone for your feedback. We’re excited to announce that we’re now ready for the next step: a complete roll-out! During the next few weeks we will be upgrading everyone onto this new version and although a lot of updates have happened on the ‘back-end’ of the system, to our users almost everything is the same. These updates will increase performance, make maintenance easier, ensure consistency, and keep us up to date with the latest web technologies. To ensure it’s a smooth transition for our admins and auditors we’ve put together the below help article as well as a quick 2 minute video that walks you through all the user interface changes you may notice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support channel.


Page Load Time Improvement


The biggest improvement you'll notice for the Beacon Quality update is the page load time, which is up 66% from the older version! You'll also notice:

  • Attaching photos while conducting audits offline will be easier on the iOS app
  •  Improvements in conducting audits while in low internet connection on the iOS app
  • Improved data load times for large data sets, such as document lists, question library, tags, etc.

Feature Changes

Older Version
Newer Version (As of Today)
Home Page
Home page has four panels

My Activity
All Activity
Recent Mitigations (15 Days)
Recent Delinquent Audits (15 days)
Home page has three panels

My Activity
Recent Mitigations (15 Days)
Recent Delinquent Audits (15 days)
Home Panels
Users can Drag and resize panels on the Home Page
Feature is not currently available
Ad-Hoc Audit
No Site Selector field when starting an ad-hoc audit
The users will now have to select a Site before starting the Audit
Filter Options (Assign and Report pages)
User needs to change a selection to view the changes
User must select ‘Apply Filter’ to view the changes
Repeat Functionality on Assign pop-up window
Default: End After Field
Default: End On Field
Org Settings and Mail pages are available
Org Settings and Mail pages have not been upgraded yet
Admin (Org Tree)
All the options across a location are available in line
All the additional features are available under the ‘more’ menu

User Interface Changes

Older Version
Newer Version (As of Today)
Number of audits due displayed as ‘X Audits Due’
Number of audits due displayed as a dot (.)
Add Questions from Library (Also, use Existing Item)

Add Random Questions

Bulk Edit Feature Icon

Tag Question (within a document)

Copy Item

Feature not currently available
Open Tag
Click on the Tag

Sort and Filter Icons

Assign Page Icons

Assign pop-up window – Start Window and Grace Period
Outside the Repeat Setting Options
Within the Repeat Setting options
Report Panels
Chart Settings Options – Open against the panel
Chart Settings Options – Open as a new pop-up window
Admin (System Options); Documents (Group questions)
No Accordion UI
The UI has been changed to split different options under different accordions

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