Validation Tasks

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What are validation tasks?

Validation tasks are created to ensure the Corrective Action solution applied is effective. Default additional features of a validation task are:

  1. There are no limits on the number of Validation Tasks a document can have
  2. All Validation Tasks with the document are grouped together
  3. The following details of the Validation task can be edited when the Corrective Action is Open/Pending
    1. Due date and Task owner
  4. Once the Corrective Action has been closed none of the fields or details of the Validation task can be edited, however the following details of the task can be worked upon
    1. User can only add comments and/or attachments to the task
    2. Task Owner can Close the task
  5. The due date of a Validation Task is defaulted to Due Date+30 days
    1. Due Date of a validation Task can be edited but only to a Date after Due Date
  6. Default Task Owner assigned to the validation Tasks is the 
    1. Task Owner (if using the New Corrective Action Form)
    2. Event Owner (if using the old Corrective Action Form)

How to Create a new Validation Task?

Validation Tasks can be created in the document or within the Corrective Action.

Creating Validation Task Within the Document:

  1. Just like any other Corrective Action Task, validation tasks are created in the document.To specify a task is a validation task just check the Validation Task check box. 
  2. Validation Tasks created within the document show up in all the Corrective Actions created from that document

Creating Vaidation Task Within the Corrective Action:

  1. Validation Tasks within the Corrective Action event can be created by clicking on the '+' icon on the page (above the tasks section)
  2. Validation Tasks created within the event are specific only to that event and will not show up on any other Corrective Action events created from that document
  3. Validation tasks created within the event also have the below additional features (when the Corrective Action is Open/Pending):

    1. Delete Validation Task
    2. Details of the Validation task like Task Title, Description, Require attachments, Approval can be edited and/or change validation task to a regular task

How to close a validation task?

Just like any other task, a validation task can have an owner, approver, require comments and/or attachments. But all these features are enabled only once the Corrective Action has been closed. 

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