Auditing in EASE

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How to Start your Audit

Audits can be launched from the Home page on the website or mobile app.


Mobile App:

Audits can also be launched by using the link from the email notification.

Change your Audit Location (If Applicable)

In the event your audit location is unavailable, your audit will allow you to change its location. 

Select the edit icon to change this audit's location.

In the next menu, choose this audit's new location.

Help Article:

Conducting the Audit

  1. The audit's location.
  2. The list of questions within this audit.
  3. A questions's specific text and details.
  4. Attached photos and files (if applicable).
  5. Select a response to this question.
  6. If Findings are required, choose the category/reason and comment. 
  7. To add evidence, upload a photo or take a photo with your mobile device.
  8. Add a responsible party for this finding.
  9. Auditors can close this finding themselves (optional).

*NOTE: If applicable, EASE will provide in-audit finding insights that notify the auditor of recent mitigations for this question. 

Closing a Mitigation (Non-Comformance) in audit:

  1. Select a countermeasure.
  2. Describe the actions taken to close this mitigation.
  3. As evidence, upload a photo or take a photo with your mobile device.
  4. Click this button to close the non-conformance.

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