There are two ways to mass delete scheduled audits, via the Reassign button or by clicking on a scheduled day in the calendar.

Click the  Button 

The reassign button will open a list of all scheduled audits.

  1. Select the audits to remove, to remove all audits check the box in the header column.
  2. Ensure the New Auditor selection is set to None.
    1. Note: Selecting an auditor at this step will reassign all selected audits to that auditor.
  3. Click save to remove the selected audits.

Click a day on the Calendar

Clicking a day on the calendar that contains scheduled audits will pull up a list of the audits scheduled for that day.

  1. Click into an audit - Selecting the first item in the list will provide the most options for audit removal.
  2. Within the details, click in the top right corner and select a removal option.  

    1. Only this Instance - deletes this single audit from the schedule
    2. All Following - deletes the selected audit and all audits following it on this document
    3. All Related - deletes the selected audit and all other audits that were scheduled at the same time.
  3. Confirm deletion