Corrective Actions (CA) are a way to manage complex issues in Beacon. You most likely have a form or other software that you use to track corrective actions. You'll need that to get started.

Take a look at your existing form. It mostly likely has a section where you gather information about the CA, and another section where people write a more detailed description of what they are going to do. We call these fields (information you want to collect) and tasks (things people need to do). You'll add these to Beacon when you create a new Corrective Action document under Manage > Documents. A corrective action document has the same approval workflow and revision history as audit documents. 

Create Tasks

Create Fields

Submit your revision

Once you've submitted your first CA document, you can then create an event. Go to Report > Corrective Actions and click the orange + to create a new event. 

You'll be prompted to select owners and approvers. Learn more about what each can do.

Once you click Save, you'll land on the details page where the event Owner is able to make changes and track progress.

Once all appropriate fields and tasks are complete, the owner will be able to submit the CA and the Approvers will be able to approve it. 

We also send out appropriate notifications. Learn more