1. Parent location is the one that lies on the higher Tier level where the audit was conducted
  2. Additional manager is a user with 'Manager' role, assigned to Shift


  1. Additional Manager for a mitigation and Responsible Party must not be the same to receive escalation notifications
  2. If identical users are specified in the all upper tiers, notifications are sent to Responsible party only
  3. If at the Org Tree parent tiers there is no one Additional manager specified then escalation notification logic not applied and notifications are sent to Responsible party only


  1. Location Manager of the Parent Location where the Audit is being conducted
    1. Location Manager must belong to the same shift as the shift when the audit was conducted
    2. If there is no Location Manager for the same shift, then the first/upper most shift Manager for that location is selected
      1. *Note: Search logic for the additional manager is sorted alphabetically/numerically

      2. If  no Additional Manager found within Parent location then logic for escalation Emails is applied for next higher Tier within existing Org Tree