Figure 1 - EASE Home Page

A. Sections of EASE 

(Access to these sections will be granted based on the system roles assigned to a user)

  • Home Page – System home page containing dashboard and user activities
  • Manage – Documents (checklists) and Question Libraries
  • Assign – The scheduling wizard and calendar
  • Findings – All nonconformance reporting 
  • Reports – Serves as the reporting dashboard for all audits
  • Organization – Org Tree, Departments, Scopes, Users, Layers and Shifts
  • Settings – Various options that are enabled and are site specific

B. User Menu

  • Log Out - Allows the user to log out of the system
  • My Profile - Shows the user their profile details, past delete requests, profile preferences and achievements
  • Achievements -  Displays completed and possible achievement badges 
  • Support Center - Allows the user to contact EASE support and review the knowledge base
  • Propose Idea - Users can create a unique profile (separate from their EASE profile) to provide development requests
  • Version Details – Current version numbering is displayed. Click on version number to see version details for current and prior versions

C. Page Tabs 

    This will vary based on the page

D. Summary - Provides key performance indicators at the site level. See Section 1.3 Dashboards

E. My Summary - Provides key performance indicators at the user level. See Section 1.3 Dashboards

F. My Activity - Provides a list of assigned tasks (audits, approvals, mitigations) for the user

G. Create New Audit - Allows the user to create and perform an unscheduled (Ad Hoc) audit. See in section 1.4 Create New Audit (Ad Hoc)