In this section the user will be have access to their historical and upcoming audits for the next 90 days.

Each column can be filtered and sorted by selecting the matching icon. 

User's can also 

  1. Search for their audit using the search bar
  2. Edit the location for where the audit was conducted
  3. Add/Remove and reorder the columns 
  4. Make a request to have an audit deleted (if applicable and turned on) 

Request to Delete Audits

  1. Click on the blue circle in the bottom right corner.
  2. Choose the type of audit request (upcoming 90 days or missed 30 days)
  3. Check the boxes next to the audits (A) that are to be deleted and click Request to Delete (B)
  4. Choose the approver for your request (A) add your comments/reasons for the request (B) and click submit (C)
  5. The approver will have a task on their My Activity
  6. You can then Reassign (A), Reject (B) or Approve (C) the request
  7. The approver will be provided with details of the requestor and the requested audits
  8. If the approver chooses to reassign the request they will choose from a drop down menu
  9. If the requested is rejected the approver will need to leave a comment for the requestor
  10. If the request is approved you can click approve and delete