The settings section is divided into two parts, Mitigation and Site Settings.

Mitigation Settings

  • Allow In-Audit Mitigations – When selected, it allows users conducting an audit to close a mitigation when they identify it
  • Countermeasures– When selected, this allows for countermeasures to be assigned during the mitigation process.
    • Custom Group – Select the group (customized list) to be used for the list of countermeasures.

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Urgency/Escalation Levels

Create levels to manage how mitigations are handled. Set different resolution periods, and decide whether a mitigation should require additional approval before it can be closed.

  1. Add Level - Adds a new Urgency/Escalation Level
  2. Enter the name of the Urgency Level
  3. Notification and Resolution Period (Days) - This determines the due date of the mitigation. Example: if the mitigation is created on July 10th and the resolution period is 1 day, the due date of the mitigation will be July 11th
  4. Additional Approval - If checked for an urgency level the system will require an additional manager's approval to close the mitigation.

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  1. Click Save.

Site Settings

Products and Features

  1. Grace period – Set the number of days that an audit can be completed after the due date.
  2. Show location hierarchy – Whenever a location is displayed in EASE it will show the parent location as well.
  3. View question scopes – Allows for viewing and updating available scopes at the question level, if unchecked all questions are scoped to the site level.
  4. Failure Categories and Modes for LPA failures – When an LPA question is failed, the auditor will have to select from the group that the has been designated here (More Information on Groups).

Email Categories

  1. Additional Email within Start Window – Number of days before the due date an additional audit email notification will be sent. This email will only be sent if within the Start Window.
  2. Missed Audit Email Notifications – Sends an email to the appropriate manager that an audit was missed.
  3. Past Due Audit Email Notifications – Sends an email to the appropriate manager and the auditor that an audit is past due.

Custom Location Names

Allows the renaming of default locations: Site, Area, Workcenter and Station.

Audit Delete Request

Ability to request to delete a missed/upcoming audit. 

See Section 1.6 My Audits for further details

Delete Requests