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Modified on Tue, 24 Jan 2023 at 08:01 AM

The My Audits tab lists a user's previous and upcoming audits within a 90 day range. 

On the Home page, select the My Audits tab. The menu shown below showcases all audits specific to the user.

A: Use keywords to search for specific audits. These keywords must relate to an audit's name, document, or ID.

B: Filter for audits by locations.

Select the specific location(s) desired and click Apply on the bottom right of the menu.

C: Refresh the list with any recent updates

D: Choose which column filters are shown, and rearrange their order.

This table displays all applicable column filters. Select the desired columns. To rearrange their order, click on the two lines next to the filter's name and drag and drop to the desired location in the order.

E: Click on the column name to rearrange the ordering of audits. Select the name and the audits will be ordered by value, date, number, depending on the column name parameters.

F: Use the upside-down triangle next to a column name to select eligible values for that filter to be sorted from. 

For example, when the Status filter is selected:

G: Alter the number of audit records shown per page (15, 25, 50, 100).

H: Select the + button to request to delete missed or upcoming audits. 

When requesting to delete missed audits, select Missed Audits. Alternatively, select Upcoming Audits when requesting to delete upcoming audits.

Once selected, a new menu will appear displaying all missed or upcoming audits, depending on the option chosen previously. 

Use the boxes next to the audit's ID to select which audits will be requested to be deleted. Once the audit(s) has been chosen, click Request to Delete on the bottom right of the page. 

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