Report Finding

Modified on Wed, 25 Jan 2023 at 03:59 AM

To report a new Finding, navigate to Home > Dashboard and select Report Finding from the options within the + button.

NOTE: See Product and Features page for additional Finding configuration.

The user will be prompted to fill in the Finding with their observations.

A: Choose the site this observation/finding pertains to.

B: Select the location on the Org Tree that this observation/finding was found in.

C: For reporting purposes, choose which audit program this observation/finding should be filed under.

D: Choose from a list of predefined failure categories and modes.

E: Name this observation/finding.

F: Attach a photo or file to this observation/finding.

G: Choose a level of urgency for this finding.

H: Select a person to be the Responsible Party and/or Approving Party for this observation/finding.

I: If this observation/finding can be closed immediately, check this box and manually close the finding.

J: Create additional findings if desired (optional).

Once these fields have been completed, select Save & Close to save this Finding, or select Submit to file this Finding.

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